Dainty Rubbish became a partner with Wesleyan University over 40 years ago to help insure the high standard of waste collection/recycling was adhered to on campus.

Wesleyan was on the forefront of recycling on university campuses throughout the United States and Dainty was there to design their first program. Dainty continues to work with Wesleyan to increase recycling and reduce costs by setting up central locations for recycling/waste pick up. This reduces our carbon foot print by limiting the number of times and number of trucks that visit the campus.

We also introduced Single Stream Recycling to make it easy and encourage more recycling campus wide. Recently Organic Food Waste was introduced to the campus and we have seen the amount of organic waste recycled almost double in the past two years.

Dainty Rubbish has purchased a new truck which will come equipped with a scale to closely monitor our progress. Our goal is to continue to work closely with the Wesleyan staff and students to find the most environmentally and economically feasible way to handle recycling/waste on the Wesleyan campus.

Serving the entire state of Connecticut for nearly 50 Years!