Community Outreach Program

Dainty Rubbish Services, Inc. located in Middletown, CT recently visited Valley View Elementary School in Portland,CT to conduct an overview concerning Single Stream Recycling. The presentation was performed by Fred Smyth Operations Manager and Scott Dresser Major Account Manager. The presentation and the Dainty Community Outreach Program is sponsored with the help by John White from Sodexo Corporation Quality of Life Services located in Gaithersburg, MD.

Samples of items that can be recycled were provided at the event along with discussion such as Save the Earth by going Green. Students from Valley View had a “Hands on Experience” on materials and items that can be sorted out from normal waste which in turn saves and cuts down on our local landfills. “Its all about awareness” stated Fred Smythe who was quoted by the following “Our goal is to educate the younger generation of the value of Single Stream Recycling and raising environmental consciousness”.

Dainty Rubbish continues with the Community Outreach Program with hope to visit surrounding school systems more often and is expected to visit West Hill Elementary School in Rocky Hill, CT in the near future. The program is meant as an educational tool where as students from the community can share information at home that can help the environment.

The mission of Dainty Rubbish is simple, to be the best integrated waste management company in Connecticut by offering ecological, economical and efficient handling of waste through reuse, recycling and energy conversion. Our pledge is to comply with environmental laws and regulations, conduct our operations in a manner that demonstrates respect for the quality of the environment, maintain effective environmental procedures and equipment with available technology, find waste solutions that involves increasing the use of reuse and recycling over energy conversion, make sure every customer is aware of all the opportunities available to reuse and recycle. Last but not least, be a leader in finding ways to better process waste in Connecticut.

To find out more regarding Single Stream Recycling visit Dainty Rubbish, or Materials Innovation and Recycling Auhtority

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