General FAQs

Below are some of the most frequently asked questions regarding our dumpster rental service.

  1. How long do dumpster rental customers generally get to keep a dumpster before incurring added fees?  Customers keep dumpsters up to 7 days.  After 7 days, a small $5 daily fee would be incurred.
  2. Can dumpster rental customers dispose of mattresses in dumpsters?  There are added fees to dump mattresses in dumpsters.
  3. Can dumpster rental customers dispose of tires in dumpsters?  There are added fees to dump tires in dumpsters.
  4. Can dumpster rental customers dispose of refrigerators or freezers?Refrigerant would need to properly be removed prior to pickup.   If refrigerant is properly removed, you may dispose of the appliance, but you must securely tape door(s), or remove them entirely from the appliance.
  5. How high can a dumpster rental customer fill the dumpster?  No higher than the dumpster wall.   When a Dumpster is picked up the driver is required to cover top so that no debris flies out of the dumpster during transport.
  6. Should dumpster rental customers cover the dumpster during weather precipitation?  It is advisable to cover up their rented dumpster, especially during a rain or wet snow event. Water can add significant weight depending on the items in container, for example, drywall which will absorb quite a bit of water increasing the weight. If the weight increases dramatically due to water there may be an increase in fees.

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Dumpster Rental General FAQs
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